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Dongguan Chunnan Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in China. It is an integrated production enterprise specializing in R & D, design, production and sales. The products are widely used in domestic water supply, agricultural irrigation, construction engineering, environmental protection and sewage treatment, municipal, electric power, chemical industry, food, medicine and industrial water treatment and other fields.

The company's leading products: wqk cutting submersible pump, WQX three-phase small submersible pump (high lift submersible pump), WQ non clogging three-phase submersible pump (equipped with quadrupole motor), WQ (d) national standard cast iron non clogging sewage and sewage submersible pump, qy-f stainless steel oil filled submersible pump, wq-f stainless steel submersible pump (non-standard is classic product), MD magnetic pump, acid and alkali resistant pump (large head pump), FSB fluoroplastic Material centrifugal pump, IHF fluoroplastic corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, IH stainless steel single-stage chemical pump, qdlf / CDLF all stainless steel light multi-stage pump (boiler feed water booster pump, domestic water booster pump), SH / s single-stage double suction split pump (large flow pump), XA series single-stage centrifugal pump, is series horizontal centrifugal booster pump, Gd pipeline pressure pump, GDR hot water pipeline pressure pump, GDB explosion-proof pipeline booster pump Pressure pump, JSR series blower and other products!

Dongguan Chunnan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. in line with the "quality casting brand, service to create value" purpose; to the immediate economic benefits of customers, we will do more perfect!

Chunnan pump industry promises to you: we will do better!

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