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motor overload

Date: November 8, 2015 popularity: 111
Generally, the motor has a fixed operating power, which is called rated power, and the unit is watt (W). If the actual use power of the motor exceeds the rated power of the motor under certain conditions, this phenomenon is called motor overload.
Overload symptoms:
Motor overload mainly has the following symptoms:
1. The heat output of the motor increases;
2. The motor speed decreases, even to zero;
3. The motor has low chirp and the vibration is general;
4. If the load changes sharply, the motor speed will change from high to low;
1. Electrical reasons: such as phase loss, voltage exceeding allowable value, etc;
2. Mechanical reasons: such as excessive torque, motor damage (bearing vibration), etc;
Treatment method:
(1) When the load is too heavy, it is necessary to consider appropriate load reduction or replace the motor with appropriate capacity.  
(2) The voltage of three-phase cabinet is too high or too low.  
(3) The motor is seriously affected by damp or corrosive gas for a long time, and the insulation resistance decreases. According to the specific situation, overhaul or replace the enclosed motor with the same capacity and specification.  
(4) Bearing oil shortage, dry grinding or rotor mechanical non concentricity lead to the motor rotor scavenging, making the motor current exceed the rated value. First of all, the bearing wear should be carefully checked. If it is unqualified, it is necessary to replace the new bearing; secondly, clean the bearing and inject appropriate amount of grease. Then check the motor end cover. If the center hole of the end cover is not concentric due to wear, the end cover shall be treated or replaced.  
(5) The transmission part of the mechanism breaks down, causing the motor overload and burning the motor winding. Check the mechanical part of the fault, take measures

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