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Dongguan water pump maintenance method of multistage centrifugal pump

Date: October 9, 2016 popularity: 159
Multistage pump If possible, you'd better read the maintenance manual and general assembly drawing of the manufacturer first to see what special points need attention.

1、 At the time of disintegration:

And use the balance plate to measure the clearance of the front bearing;

When assembling the pump in wrong order, the original parts must be replaced in the wrong order;

3. Small parts that are not easy to mark (such as key) can be put together with the same level impeller or guide vane (middle section).

4. During disassembly, you can intuitively feel whether there are abnormal parts, such as loose fit.

2、 Parts maintenance: centrifugal pump

1. Visually check whether the surface of each part is normal, and each fitting surface must be free from bumping, scratch, rust, etc;

2. Check whether the tolerance of key fitting parts is qualified by measuring tools

3. Check whether the clearance of impeller seal ring, shell seal ring, guide vane seal ring and interstage shaft sleeve is within the allowable range, and the wear is too large, it needs to be replaced;

4. Check whether the bearing is in good condition;

5. All sealing rings and gaskets should be replaced with new ones Submersible pump

3、 Reassembly:

1. Install the rotor and conduct the dynamic balance test again;

2. Reassemble all parts in the reverse order of dismantling the pump, and pay attention to the clearance value of each sealing ring again to ensure that there is no error;

3. Before installing the balance disc, measure the total rotor series;

4. After installing the balance plate, measure the rotor half string quantity;

5. Compared with the total string quantity and half string quantity required on the general assembly drawing of the manufacturer, it should basically meet the requirements of the drawing. In general, the total string quantity is about half;

6. Tighten the main bolts evenly, and pay attention to the diagonal direction;

7. Draw a dial indicator on the shaft and rotate the shaft to mark the balance plate. The tolerance shall be in accordance with the requirements of the drawing, and generally shall not exceed 0.06;

8. Pay attention to adjust the clearance of balance disc when installing thrust bearing, and adjust the clearance of balance disc to the drawing requirements by using the adjusting ring in front of bearing.

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